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Consulting Services

During my sabbatical it became profoundly clear that I missed aspects of my professional career. Upon this realization, I slowly began assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in my ecosystem with business organization, finances, and operations.


Now, I partner with organizations seeking interim assistance to meet their business needs. If you would like to connect, please email me at or through the contact form on this website.


Cash Accounting, R2R Accounting, Close Consolidation, Governance & Compliance, and Earnings Release Tie-Out.


Project Management

Establish project management standards, track project progress, manage the production of deliverables, centralize point for project communication, and establish milestones and KPI's.


Interim Management

Act as interim manager for organizations seeking a full-time candidate. This includes maintaining the rhythm of business, providing professional and industry guidance, and ensuring business needs are exceeded during a temporary period (3 – 6 months). The overarching mission is to aid an organization in the interim while they search for permanent candidates that will continue to propel their business forward.


Career Development

Informationals and trainings centered around sabbaticals, career growth, and work life integration (work/life balance). These learnings and sessions are intended for individual contributors, managers, and corporate HR professionals who aspire to incorporate sabbaticals into company’s offerings or those who desire to invest in their career development.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in seeking my consulting services, please fill out the contact form or email me at

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