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what I do


Writing is often therapeutic, and in some cases, the best way for me to organize and share my ideas. That's why here you'll find stories about my personal experiences, including stories about my sabbatical as well as insightful information about sabbaticals to help in your journey.

coach & consult

During my journey, even pre-sabbatical, I yearned to encourage and aid others in their personal professional journeys. What began as helpful advice to close friends and family, flourished into a passion in coaching and encouraging others in their career journey. Additionally, I consult in the accounting and business areas. 


Like everyone, it's difficult to capsulate all I am into simple brackets, albeit I might try. One goal of mine is to always ensure I'm experiencing life - the good parts and not so good part - and not just exist. The purpose of life is to live. I intend to do that intentionally everyday. 

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