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Endings are also Beginnings

Lately, the phrase “Endings are also Beginnings” has resonated deeply with me. The saying is symbolic of the current season of my life. The ending of my sabbatical is marking the beginning of a new start in my career. An opportunity to bring my learnings and experiences from my career break into my work, and it allows me to begin a new chapter of my life feeling the most balanced, healthy, and confident than I have ever before. As I reflect on the past year, I realize many endings lead to new beginnings, most either marred with grief or excitement, or both. Let’s chat about it!


Taking a step back from my career in late 2022 meant betting on a decision best for me, but it came with worry about how a break would impact my career. It came with unrealized fear of what others would think of me. It also came with accepting doubt and moving forward anyway. The pause in my corporate career, marked the beginning of my adventures to almost a dozen international and domestic destinations – experiencing the richness of life, cuisine, and cultures outside my own. It was the beginning of regaining control of my mental and physical health. It was the beginning of meeting new people and exploring new loves. Most importantly, it began the journey of me falling back in love with my life.

 As I prepare for my reemergence into corporate life, I think about the endings that are also prominent in many of our lives that hurt before they heal - such as the ending of relationships, friendships, and careers or projects that unexpectedly uproot our lives. It’s challenging in the moment to see these conclusions as anything like a fresh and exciting launch to something new, but they can be.


Naturally, the conclusion of most things is stressful, grief-filled, and sometimes confusing. The aftermath of such break-ups can present an emotional awakening that allows us to grow and reckon with our past if we permit it. Even with acknowledging and embracing the endings, living through these experiences is not easy, but necessary. Necessary for self-growth, rediscovery, and to embark on a new start. So, cheers to embracing the endings and welcoming the beginnings. Here we go!

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