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Welcome to The Corporate Sabbatical!

So, what is The Corporate Sabbatical? It's a byproduct of my break from the professional world. I desire to share my experience with those fatigued in the workforce to encourage the realization that there are options beyond succumbing to mental exhaustion and burnout. During my sabbatical, I have chosen to fully immerse myself in a world with zero inhibitions. My top aspirations during this time are to appreciate the beauty of the world around me through travel, regain control of my mental, emotional, and physical health, explore the fullness of unique cuisine, and live intentionally with gratitude while trusting myself in this journey. To my delight, I have done it all! There were mighty highs and some lows, but with patience, those downtimes pass. There is beauty in the ebbs and flows of life. I have grown to appreciate that more each day.

Now – I'm in a place where I am ready to share my journey – including my hobbies, travel stories, and thoughts – to build connections with others who contemplate if there is balance in "work/life balance." I will also share more information about sabbaticals. After all, it is the main reason I'm even here writing this post.

Furthermore, I want to be very clear that this is the story of my journey. A professional sabbatical might not be ideal for everyone, and that's okay. There are best practices we can all benefit from to reduce the stress that comes with "grind culture." Another point I would like to clarify is that I still enjoy the professional workspace. As you will soon find out, my decision to embark on this sabbatical was a mix of personal desire, mental exhaustion, a challenging work environment at times, and an increasingly jeopardized overall well-being. Since embarking on my sabbatical journey, I find myself consulting and coaching others – helping them and incidentally helping myself. I realize sometimes it was not what I was doing pre-sabbatical, but how I was doing it.

It is a dream to share this journey, and I want to thank you for taking the leap with me. Ultimately, this blog should allow anyone who might feel even an ounce of how I felt before my

career break to know life continues after you close the laptop and leave the office. Even when there is no work at all – you are seen for more than the work you do at your nine-to-five.

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