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What I Gained from My Sabbatical

There are many benefits of embarking on a sabbatical. Research findings aside--I want to share some of the benefits from my experience. Before my sabbatical, I struggled to find balance in my work-life routine. I made small strides but much of my life still revolved around work. I began to feel like my life supported my career, instead of my career supporting my life. Through taking my sabbatical, I implemented practices that brought me peace and helped orient time and space back to making me the priority. Some of these practices are work cut-off times, scheduled time for nothingness, journaling, and routine physical activity to ensure there are healthy boundaries between my personal and work time

Less stress – my body also feels different. I never recognized the constant current of stress that streamed through my body before my break. It became so normal to feel the tension in my shoulders and back, the stiffness in my joints, and the regular headaches. Mentally and physically, it took time for my mind and body to adjust to this new reality. Through love, meditation, prayer, therapy, and grounding in nature, I found ways to release the stress. Now, even in a working environment, I know how to regulate and reduce the stress I encounter.

Being present – it is insane to think I was physically in places but not mentally present. I missed so many moments by not being fully engaged with all my senses, surroundings, and people around me. My ability to lean in with friends and family, to relish in an experience without the lingering thought of work, has been life-changing. There are times when I am writing, and the wind begins to rustle the Fall leaves outside. It sounds like a chorus of nature. I am present in ways I have not felt in a long time.

Unconditional self-love – it is because of self-love I am able to live without the pressure of what others will think. Therapy equipped me with the tools to work through the proverbial hold on how I was living. If I decide to leave work, what would people think? I realize that I'm the only one who can live my life. I began to love and live free of the intrusive thoughts in my psyche.

Immense gratitude - being able to voluntarily take a sabbatical is a blessing. This professional pause has allowed me to appreciate the smallest tokens of daily life. The fact that I wake up every day, almost always in good health, is something I thank God for every morning and night. Now, even when the day is not my best, I'm thankful. I am grateful to experience the full range of my emotions. Despite what may be happening around me, I express gratitude simply because I'm alive. For me in those moments that in itself is enough.

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